Letters to the Editor

This page provides links to Letters to the Editor (LTEs) from members of the Seattle CCL Chapter that have been published.

The Seattle CCL Chapter’s letter writing group currently meets monthly on the second Saturday at 10:00am at Chocolati (Greenwood and 84th).  Come if you can with ideas for letters to newspapers and/or MOCs.  To verify the next meeting, email seattle@citizensclimatelobby.org.

The national listing of published LTEs is available here.

Following are links to published LTEs from Seattle CCL members.  Click here to post your own draft, final, or published letter to the LTE  blog page where you can also request comments or feedback.

Once published an ongoing list will be maintained below in chronological order from newest to oldest.

Note:  Any others, previously published or as they are published, can be submitted for posting here by providing the relevant information in the comment block below, or posted directly to the LTE blog page:


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