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Citizens’ Climate Radio Episode One — Beginnings and Transformations

Updates from Citizens’ Climate Lobby Creating the political will for a livable world In the 06/27/2016 edition: By Steve Valk on Jun 27, 2016 10:19 am CCL Founder Marshall Saunders and Executive Director Mark Reynolds talk about the genesis of

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Alternative energy key to saving family farms

Alternative energy key to saving family farms A beautiful story about Kelley Canyon Orchards (Friday, A1). We hope this fertile valley will grow fruit for many more generations. However, something is changing. Farmers know. Spring is starting earlier. Snow

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Study will help farmers plan ahead for change

Louise Stonington 22 hrs ago Daily Record News, Ellensburg July 1, 2016

 To the Editor: How do wild relatives of sunflowers survive drought and poor soil better than cultivated ones? It is great that a Central Washington University professor

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