Posting and Commenting


If you have author status or higher, you can submit posts to any of the blog post pages ( LTE, News). Posting is easy.

  1. Go to the the following URL:
    (note the additional ‘wp-admin’ at the end, here).
  2. Sign on with the email address or username you created when you accepted the invitation to be an author.
  3. You will be presented with the “Dashboard” page of our web-site/blog
  4. Let your mouse hover over ‘Posts’ on the left hand side panel; you will menu with ‘Add New’ as an option. Select the ‘Add New’ option
  5. Enter a title at the top.
  6. Compose the body of your post (note the formatting options provided in the editor)
  7. Important: select one of the two categories, either LTE or News, on the right hand side panel, under ‘Categories’.
  8. Click on the Publish button in the right hand side panel, under ‘Publish’.

To create a link (i.e. add a url) in a Post:

  1. Use the Copy function to capture the URL for the site that you want to link to.  It will then be ready to Paste it in later.After navigating to the Add New Post screen in the Dashboard of the CCLSeattle blog, type your post to the point where you want to add a link.
  2. Highlight (turns yellow) the word(s) that you want to make an active link.
  3. Then, in the menu bar just (above the area you are drafting in) find the icon that has chain-like picture (10th from the left) and click it.
  4. This will bring up a new menu where you can enter the url. [This is where you will be glad to have saved it previously so that you only need to paste it into the highlighted block.
  5. You can then give it a name (optional) and can check the box to have the link opened in a new tab (optional) when someone clicks it, so that they can easily go back to the CCLSeattle blog.   You can use the same link multiple times, as appropriate.

There are lots of little niceties provided by WordPress for writing your posts. Feel free to investigate all the formatting possibilities. There are instructions that are very helpful that can be accessed from the Help menu (upper right hand corner of the Add New Post page).


Each blog post, as well as each of our static pages, has a section where people can leave comments. These sections are open to anyone who accesses this blog to use. It is straightforward to add a comment: just type in your comment in the text area, and click the submit button when you’re done.


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