Climate change: A carbon tax is the best solution

“Climate change is real,” Lance Dickie said in his excellent recent column [“Climate change: mitigation, adaptation,” Opinion, Feb. 13]. Dealing with climate change may keep regulators busy until we’re cooked. Instead of endlessly debating every coal train and oil pipeline and sustainable energy subsidy, let’s put a carbon tax on the table.

A revenue-neutral carbon tax would tax fossil fuels at the source — the well, the mine — and distribute the proceeds to every American. The net tax increase would be zero. Two-thirds of Americans would get more back than they would pay in increased energy costs, according to Citizens Climate Lobby.

Knowing the tax would keep rising until CO2 emissions level out, end users could spend their carbon rebates on better energy choices: buy the Volt, install solar panels. The fossil-fuel industry would at last pay for the cost fossil fuel use imposes on the environment and the planet, and sustainable choices would become affordable. All this without a huge increase in government regulation.

The Senate Finance Committee is looking at alternatives between sustainable energy subsidies and a carbon price. Let them know you prefer a less-government solution.

Mary Davies, Seattle


manager of SeattleEnvironmentalActivists' blog

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