Climate Forum for 7th Congressional District Candidates



Davis Oldham, MC, Rep.Brady Walkinshaw, moderator Lynda Mapes, and Senator Pramila Jayapal

Tues. Oct. 4th Citizens’ Climate Lobby and Cascadia Climate Action put on a Forum to hear Rep. Brady Walkinshaw and Senator Pramila Jayapal speak about Climate and the Environment. We had an excellent turnout of around 100 people at the Peddler’s Brewery. Both candidates  had a terrific understanding of the climate crisis with the exception of the question from the moderator, Lynda Mapes of the Seattle Times, about dams on the Columbia and Snake Rivers.  Both have a plan for the Climate Crisis.  Rep. Walkinshaw’s priority is  the effects  of climate on agriculture and our food system.  He supports the Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax initiative I-732 and he signed an endorsement for Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s National proposal of a Carbon Fee and Dividend.  Senator Jayapal’ priority is Social Justice issues , in which she has excellent experience.  She also supports the Climate Justice proposal of Cap and Trade, because she believes that collecting the money, rather than giving it back to citizens, can be put to better use to help vulnerable communities, and to have focused research and development.  Both Candidates support progressive issues and we are lucky to have such a choice for our Congressional District #7.

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