Earth Day Call in to members of Congress


In honor of Earth Day, I am calling my members of Congress Thursday the 21st and I hope you’ll take a couple of minutes right now to do that too. Citizens’ Climate Lobby volunteers (and friends!) across the country are calling their congressional offices today to leave a message about taking action on climate change. Please call your two senators and your representative today. If you don’t get to it before 4 pm Eastern, you can also call Friday, (April 22nd).

This online phoning tool makes it easy to call:

It will tell you who your senators and representatives are, provide their phone numbers and give you a box to check that shows us you did it.

Here is a suggested outline for the 60-second message you’ll leave with the receptionist in each congressional office:

  • Hi I’m [NAME] and I’m a constituent of Representative/Senator [THEIR LAST NAME] from [CITY].
  • I’m a [TITLE] (title – small business owner, teacher, mother to three kids, etc.)
  • I’m calling to urge Representative/Senator [THEIR LAST NAME] to take action on climate change.  In particular, I want Representative/Senator [THEIR LAST NAME] to work with people in both parties on a market-based, revenue-neutral solution to climate change like Carbon Fee and Dividend.
  • Thank you for taking my call today.

Please also share this action with friends through email and social media and provide the link to CCL’s phoning tool: You can also share the post about the call-in on CCL’s Facebook page.

While many people think members of Congress don’t listen to people, a survey of Capitol Hill staffers found that congressional offices really want to know their constituents’ views. A few calls, they say, is enough to put an issue on their radar. Your call today will make a difference. It will only take a few minutes, and it’s a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day.

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