Greater Pacific NW Regional Citizens Climate Lobby Conference (Seattle, Northgate area)


2015 Greater Pacific Northwest Regional Conference

Fisheries, Farms and Forests: 

Connecting with Concerned Harvesters

March 7-8, 2015

CCL volunteers from Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho and Hawaii will be coming to network, learn, and explore strategies for turning our CCL proposal into national legislation.  Everyone is welcome; whether newly interested in CCL or an experienced climate volunteer.   The sessions will provide skills and information valuable to anyone wanting to work to address global warming!

  • Develop your skills as a powerful and persuasive lobbyist
  • Organize your chapter as a dynamic community resource
  • Discuss the problems, controversies, and pathways to solutions
  • Network for ideas, inspiration and fun

The Greater Pacific Northwest Regional Conference will focus on building the skills we need to empower our 2015 Congress to pass national legislation required by the magnitude of the crisis we face.

Join discussions with Steve Ghan, IPCC Nobel climate scientist, Dave Peterson,  forester, Chad Kruger, agriculturalist, Brad Warren, journalist, Yoram Bauman, economist and comedian, Danny Richter, lobbyist, Madeleine Para, organizer, Ian Adams, policy analyst and more.

For complete conference details and registration click HERE.  Early Bird Registration ends February 9.  For more information about the Conference contact Fran Koehler at  See below for the agenda and more information.


Pacific Northwest Citizens Climate Lobby Conference

Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) is creating the political will for a stable climate by empowering individuals to experience breakthroughs in exercising their personal and political power.  At the Greater Pacific Northwest Regional Conference, we will gather to learn and grow in our ability to connect with others to forward the goal of meaningful national climate legislation.  Our focus will be on “Connecting with Concerned Harvesters,” those in our region who make their living through fisheries, farms and forests.  By connecting with these groups, we can better engage our local communities in supporting the goal of a stable climate.

You are welcome whether you’ve been in CCL for years, or have never attended a CCL meeting.  Our best people will share their knowledge and experience with you.  There will be an introductory group start workshop for people new to CCL or who have not previously attended one.



8-8:30          Sign in, pick up materials

8:30-8:45          Welcome, Orientation – Madeleine Para, CCL Program Director

8:45-9:15          Setting the Stage: Climate Change and the Pacific Northwest  – Steve Ghan,  a climate scientist in the Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Bill Pennell, a former director of the Atmospheric and Global Change Division at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

9:15-10:50    Panel Discussion: Fisheries, Farms and Forests: Connecting with Concerned Harvesters.

The panel will address climate issues facing farmers, fishermen and foresters, how the carbon fee and dividend will affect them, and how to connect with them as a CCL volunteer.  Panel members include: Brad Warren –  editor of Pacific Fishing Magazine & founder of Global Ocean Health.  Chad Kruger – Director of the Washington State University Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources.   David Peterson – a federal research scientist with the US Forest Service.

11-11:40       Breakout Session #1 – the following three presentations will run concurrently:

Fisheries, Farms and Forests – in depth discussion of issues facing these industries and how CCL can engage with these industries to promote a carbon fee and dividend.    Panel members.

Comfortable Climate Conversations –   A discussion and practice session on talking to friends, family and networks about your CCL experience and climate change. Dealing with emotional issues around climate change.  Presenter will be Rod Mitchell, environmental psychologist, new national leader of CCL Australia.  Seattle will be his last stop in a series of visits with CCL groups and staff in the US.
Business support – Clean energy is good business; building business community support for carbon pricing.  Presenter Alison Baur, outreach associate for NW Energy Coalition, an alliance of over 100 businesses, utilities, environmental, and civic organizations, promoting renewable energy, energy conservation and consumer protection in the greater Northwest.

11:50-12:30  Breakout Session #2 – the following three presentations will run concurrently:

Military implications  –  How the carbon fee and dividend proposal would help our national security. A discussion of the military energy demands and how can we meet them with alternatives.   Presenter is Bob Hallahan, CCL group leader of Whidbey Island Chapter, former Navy pilot.
Climate science myth busting – Practice in answering common misconceptions about the science of climate change.  Steve Ghan – a climate scientist at the pacific Northwest National Laboratory since 1990 and PNNL lab fellow since 2011.  He is also the current leader of the Tri-Cities Chapter of CCL.
Finding your niche in CCL   –  How CCL members support each other, taking initiative, forming committees, working with new volunteers, networking locally, choosing messengers, goal setting, and using national resources.  Tamara Staton – CCL Greater Pacific Northwest co-regional coordinator, and leader of Portland Chapter of CCL.

12:30-1:30    Catered Lunch at Venue, option for group leaders to have lunch with each other and Madeleine Para, with discussion of  the group leader experience.  Also option for liaisons to have lunch with each other and Danny Richter, with discussion of the liaison experience.

1:30-3:30      Introductory Group Start Workshop (for new members)– Madeleine Para – CCL Program Director  AND  State Planning Sessions – Danny Richter – CCL Legislative Director  (concurrent)

3:30-3:45         Break

3:45-5              Advanced Lobby Training –Danny Richter

5-5:40             Speaker:  Ian Adams, Western Region Director of R Street Institute.  He will speak about ways to talk with conservatives about climate change with a focus on shared values, acknowledged differences, and ways to move the conversation forward regarding climate change solutions.

5:40-7              Catered Dinner at Venue – to include remarks by invited MOCs and staffers, followed by presentation by Yoram Bauman, the world’s only stand-up economist, on how to tax carbon and have fun doing it.

7-9                   Social Time – music, drinks, dancing, conversation


8-8:30              Arrive at venue

8:30-10            Open Forum – Danny Richter and Madeleine Para, CCL Staff

10-11               All In Together – Madeleine Para

11-12               Our Way Forward –Madeleine Para

12-1                 Catered Lunch at Venue

1pm                 Clean Up and Move Forward!

What you need to know:


Everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first CCL experience or you’re an experienced volunteer.  The Greater Pacific Northwest region includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Hawai’I, but you are welcome no matter where you’re from.


The conference takes place on Saturday March 7 from 8am to 9pm, and Sunday March 8 from 8am to 1pm.  Registration is open now, and we appreciate your early registration for planning purposes.  There will be catered meals provided at the conference, so we ask that you register by February 14 to be included in the catering plan.


The Northgate Community Center in Seattle will be our conference venue.  This center is within walking distance of the Northgate Park and Ride, and is also easily accessed by public transportation that connects with SeaTac Airport, the Amtrak Station, and the Bolt Bus boarding zone.  Ride-sharing with your CCL buddies is another option, and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint too! If you want help finding a carpool click here to go to our group on CCL Community. See details under lodging for how to connect to Community if you are not already registered.  IF you are unable to navigate that process, please contact Tim Fitzgerald at for help with carpool or lodging issues.

How Much?

If you register by February 14, the full cost of the conference is $85. The conference fee is not tax-deductible. This includes conference program, materials, catered meals including lunch and dinner on Saturday (and two drinks during our evening entertainment!) and lunch on Sunday. Coffee and tea will also be available throughout the conference.  After February 14th, the registration cost will be increased by $10.

Attending the conference without sharing in the catered meals is $40. If you choose this option, you will have to bring your own food, as there is no easy access to food near the venue.

We encourage anyone able to pay a bit more to round it up to $100, to allow for scholarships to those who would otherwise be unable to come.  Any surplus at the end of the conference will be donated to Citizens Climate Education Corp.

Please help others attend by making an additional donation that will go to our scholarship fund. See above under registration section

If the cost is a problem for you, we have scholarships available. We encourage you to raise your funds through your chapter and family and friends, as scholarship funds are limited.  Anyone requiring a scholarship is encouraged to contact Tim Fitzgerald.

Lodging Options

The Hotel Nexus has offered us a group rate of $119+tax for a room with two queen beds. Call (206-365-0700) and reference “CCL Pacific Northwest Regional Conference” to make your reservations.
This includes free breakfast, free parking, and a shuttle service to the venue. It is a ten-minute walk from the conference venue, also right on a bus route that connects with the Amtrak station and light rail from the airport.
Local CCL volunteers are also offering free lodging in their homes to attendees.  This may vary from a spacious guest room to a place to stretch out on the floor in a sleeping bag, depending on availability.  If you are interested in either offering or using this arrangement, please join the GPNW Conference group on CCL Community and make a post either offering or requesting a room.

If you would like to connect with people who want to share a room at the hotel, please join the GNPW Conference Group on Community with a request for roommates. If you do not already have an account on CCL Community (the CCL volunteer resource site) you can create one at Once you have logged in, click the link above to join the group for our conference and click “join group.” If you have any problems accessing CCL Community, please contact Tim Fitzgerald at


Catered meals will include 3 full meals–lunch and dinner on Saturday (and two free drinks with the evening meal and entertainment!) and also lunch on Sunday.  We will have coffee and tea available throughout the conference. The food being served is all vegan. There are also gluten-free options.


If you have concerns about accessibility, please let Tim Fitzgerald know at

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