Volunteering in the Seattle Area

Are you looking for volunteer opportunities in Seattle, Bellevue, or another community nearby? Do you want to get involved in solving the current climate crisis, and perhaps teach your kids about volunteering while you’re at it? Our local Seattle area CCL chapter may be what you’re looking for! We are a volunteer-run organization that aims to save our beautiful planet for current and future generations, by empowering individuals to exercise their political voice, and by sharing knowledge on climate change with Washingtonians and communities all over the world as part of the international Citizens Climate Lobby.

Here are some questions you may be thinking of as you explore the possibility of volunteering with us, or with another organization that helps fight climate change. We hope this information will be helpful to you!


I have a condition that makes it difficult to go out to large events – should I still volunteer?

Our Citizens Climate Lobby chapter and other Pacific Northwest volunteer organizations can offer you many kinds of opportunities to get involved. Writing letters to the editor, blogging, website development, and other activities are available that will work with your level of comfort and ability. We invite you to email us or attend our monthly conference call to see where your unique skill set can be applied for climate change action.

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